24: The Game - On this day

24: The Game - On this day

Before becoming Venom Snake, actor Kiefer Sutherland was known to players as Jack Bauer, an action series 24 special. received an adaptation in the form of a video game - 24: The Game for the PlayStation 2 console.

24: The Game was a game produced by Sony, a British team that previously brought us games like MediEvil, C-12, and Primal. The original idea was for the game to serve as a bridge between the second and third seasons of the TV series, and it was fully supported, so most of the actors in the series participated in the development of the game itself.

24: The Game featured a variety of gameplay mechanics - from shooting to hacking mini-games to driving/chasing sections. The game was divided into 58 missions, which was less than imagined, so it lasted approximately 12 hours, not 24 hours. 

In the end, the audience was happy that 24: The Game did not last long because no segment of the game was particularly high quality. At the time, there was better shooting, better driving, and tighter stealth in other games.

Although the production was definitely ambitious, it felt like Sony’s studio was given the task of creating a game based on the popular series without being at all enthusiastic about the idea. In the end, 24: The Game was the first and last adaptation of that series into a video game.

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