Action RPG Superfuse

Action RPG Superfuse

Fans of aggressive left-clicking this year will have the opportunity to play Superfuse, an action RPG adorned with a comic book visual style. The emphasis of the game will not only be on massacring hordes of opponents but also on merging different superpowers as developers announce rich options to customize skills.

So we will have five classes to choose from that we will make unique with the possibility of fusing different abilities, and as an additional spice in the end there will be a rich skill tree. Whether it will surpass that of Path of Exile remains to be seen when Superfuse is available first through the Early Access program.

As this is an ARPG title, we also have a bunch of items to pick up that will further help us clean up hordes of opponents, elite units, and of course - bosses. We will be greeted by a procedural generation of levels as well as the possibility of independent and cooperative playing of up to four heroes.

Superfuse will also focus on the story as the campaign will feature a fully recorded speech and plot about a hidden conspiracy against humanity. The game will take place in a solar system which means we will hack and shoot at opponents on planets, moons, and planetoids. It has not yet been revealed when exactly we will visit this new universe.

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