AMD Radeon Super Resolution for better game performance, announced FSR 2.0

AMD Radeon Super Resolution for better game performance, announced FSR 2.0

Advanced image upscaling techniques from lower to higher resolution are a hot trend in PC gaming. Nvidia has been dominating with its DLSS technique for some time, but AMD is offering them an increasingly interesting alternative called FSR. The first version of the SFO proved useful in some cases, but it has its drawbacks, and in some games, it still resulted in too blurry display at resolutions lower than 1440p.

However, AMD will soon announce FSR 2.0, which will use a new upscaling method that they say brings better image quality than the first version, with expected improvements in-game performance. For example, they cite Deathloop in 4K resolution with raytracing effects, which with FSR 2.0 in Performance mode gets an additional 48 fps.

The true reach of SFO 2.0 inaction should be seen next week - March 23, when the technology is demonstrated in more detail. But that it is already promising - it is. In addition, FSR will work on both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, and will not require dedicated ML (machine learning hardware).

While FSR 2.0 is coming soon, what is already available today is RSR or Radeon Super Resolution. In the new version of the AMD Adrenaline driver, available from yesterday, FSR can be used on a driver basis through RSR.

It sounds a bit confusing, but it's very simple - with RSR, FSR game performance improvements can be obtained in all games, even those that do not have a native implementation for FSR. All you have to do is press Alt + R and adjust the resolution.

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