God of War 3 - On this day

God of War 3 - On this day

The God of War series originated from the PlayStation 2 console, but with the arrival of the much more powerful PlayStation 3, he epically concluded his trilogy. God of War 3 was the culmination of Kratos' revenge mission with an unprecedented presentation. Levels in the third God of War were mostly moving - for example on the backs of giants, and we eliminated enemies in rather explicit scenes.

The gameplay didn't change much in the third part. Each weapon had its magic attack, and Kratos was given a hook with which he could be drawn to the enemy. During the fight, a quick exchange of weapons was allowed while maintaining the existing combo series. Quick-time events were also an integral part of the game, including the famous "mini-games".

Visually, the game was very complex - Kratos' model jumped from five thousand polygons to 20 thousand polygons by switching to PS3, and the footage of the actors was used to animate the faces of the characters themselves. The goal of the developers was to make God of War 3 one of the few games that ran on the PS3 console in 1080p resolution, but in the end, they still failed to do so, so the game was a 720p title.

The developers also considered some form of multiplayer for God of War 3, but in the end, there was nothing from it until the prequel called God of War: Ascension that followed in 2013. God of War 3 has been remastered since 2015 for the current PlayStation 4, and it was the last return of the classic God of War.

Today, Kratos is in his late teens, and although some fans prefer the old God of War games, the new approach is still better accepted. God of War 3 sold 5.2 million copies in its time, which is not a small amount, but it is less than almost 20 million copies in which the 2018 God of War sold.

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