Japanese games continue to be CHAOS on the PC

Japanese games continue to be CHAOS on the PC

2022 is the year, and PC players still have problems with the technical segment of new games from Japan. The recent arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC was accompanied by rather poor performance on expensive hardware, and it didn’t even have basic options like texture filtering, anti-allying, and motion blur. This was followed by Elden Ring, which was so poorly adapted to the PC platform that Valve adapted it better for Steam Deck / Linux than they did from From Software for PC / Windows.

Less than a month later, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin arrives, which PC players now say is unjustifiably demanding. Users report that with the GTX 1080Ti card they can barely run the game at 50 frames per second at minimum settings. The problem is that the game in some cases takes 99% of the resources of the graphics card and processor, and the performance is awful.

Throughout this story, Stranger of Paradise is not a graphically impressive game, nor are the hardware requirements high to justify the aforementioned performance. It is also annoying for the players that they cannot choose on which platform they will get the PC version, but they are doomed to the Epic Games Store for which Stranger of Paradise is exclusive.

None of this is new to PC gamers as they often have similar problems with Japanese games. In addition to the above, bad PC versions had NieR Automata, Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, and other games. There are exceptions like Capcom’s titles, with the proviso that they often brought negative performances due to Denuvo’s anti-piracy protection.

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