Next Month We Will Play Winter Ember

Next Month We Will Play Winter Ember

Arthur Artorias is a new hero in the world of sneaking games that we will meet through the upcoming title Winter Ember. This guy was driven by the motive of revenge after his whole family was massacred and erased from the pages of history. Admittedly, revenge will not have to be bloody, but that option will also be available.

Winter Ember will allow us to choose which way we will go through the action, which is announced to be dark and full of twisted characters. This means that we will jump out of the shadows and decide whether to just stun our opponents or eliminate them. Only then do we need to watch out for blood that can detect how things are happening that shouldn’t be happening.

As it is about sneaking, we will be able to look for secret passages, look through locks as well as pick up a team that doesn't even know what's going on around them. We will also have the opportunity to explore the city of Anargal where the game takes place, and Winter Ember will allow us to find the best solution for the task ahead.

There will also be a skill tree that is divided into three different branches, ie we will have over 70 active and passive skills to choose from. As for the action side, arrows are the main weapon whose types are divided into offensive and defensive. In addition, there will be over 30 species so we will have the option to experiment.

We will experience all this from April 19, when Winter Ember arrives on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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