Nintendo Switch got a useful option - Groups

Nintendo Switch got a useful option - Groups

Grouping games by maps seems like a completely banal thing you would expect to see on any gaming device. But the reality is different. The Xbox is consistent in this regard, and while the PlayStation 4 had the option to create folders, the PlayStation 5 still lacks it. Nintendo was also stubborn here, but today we were greeted by the news that five years after the launch of the Switch, they remembered to include the possibility of grouping games.

The new option is available as part of the Switch update to version 14.0.0 and works very easily. It is possible to create up to 100 groups and have a maximum of 200 games per group. Within the group, it is possible to manually and at will sort the layout of the games themselves, as well as set / change the name of the group.

Little things make a man happy!

This flexibility in the Nintendo Switch console interface has been available in the modding scene for years but is now available to those who do not have a modified console.

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