PlayStation 4 and 5 get new system updates, here's what's new

PlayStation 4 and 5 get new system updates

New firmware versions for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles have been released, this time bringing some new functionalities. It was already known what those things were because some of them had been tested before. The most important is the new possibility of creating open and closed groups (parties) to play, as well as join them.

On the PlayStation 5, single-channel audio playback is enabled on both headphones, and a Pro tips section has been added for tips on how to turn some things on the console, as well as a trophy tracking section. From now on, users who have an account registered for the regions of the USA and Great Britain can use voice commands to find and launch games, play multimedia, etc.

Improvements are also coming to the PlayStation mobile app as well as the Remote Play app. From now on, it will be easier to access the contact and message sections on the PlayStation mobile app, while the Remote Play option will get support for Dark mode.

On this occasion, Sony announced that in the coming months, the PlayStation 5 console will finally add support for Variable Refresh Rate or VRR. This playback mode on appropriate TVs will mitigate sudden declines in the game framerate, ie improve the picture quality for some games. Support will be valid at the system level, which means that they will be able to turn on for games that are not natively supported by VRR.

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