The PlayStation President Explained Why He Won’t Be Offering His Subscription Games From Day One

The Playstation President Explained Why He Won’t Be Offering His Subscription Games From Day One

A new level of Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service will bring access to the catalog of up to 400 games, including Sony’s Returnal, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and others. But it was initially said that new PlayStation-produced games will not be available by subscription as soon as they go on sale, as is the case with Xbox Game Studios games.

In an interview with, PlayStation President Jim Ryan tried to explain why this is so.

“We think we are in a good creative cycle with our studios, where investing brings success, enables even more investment, and brings even more success. We like that cycle, and we think our players love that cycle. ” Said, Ryan.

“As for putting our games on subscription right after their launch… as you know, that’s not the path we’ve taken in the past. And it’s not the path we’re going to take with PS Plus Extra service. We think we would break our creative cycle if we did that with the games we create. The level of investment that our studios need in that case would not be possible and we think that would harm the quality of the games we create, and that is not something that players want. " Ryan explained.

Still, the PlayStation president says that’s the case now, but that the industry is changing fast and that nothing is eternal. He takes the example of Sony's decision to launch games on the PC platform - previously this was unthinkable, but now they have achieved success with their games on PC as well.

"I do not want to write anything in stone at this time. I am talking about the approach we are taking in the short term. Putting our games on subscription from day one, given how our release model now works, just doesn’t make sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know. ” Ryan concluded.

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