Pokemon GO is already bringing the summer season today

Pokemon GO is already bringing the summer season today

As of today, the popular mobile game Pokemon GO is entering the casual, Hawaiian-inspired Alola season. In it, players can expect various Pokemon present in the seventh generation of Pokemon Sun / Moon games, as well as new tasks, raids, and most importantly - Hawaiian shirts!

The starter pokemon of this island region has been confirmed, so trainers will be able to catch Rowlett, Poppoli, and Litten. Apart from them, players will encounter more added Pokemon from the Alola region in nature, so this seems like a good opportunity to fill out their Pokedex. The legendary Pokemon Tapu Koko should take care of the challenge in the raids.

In addition to new Pokemon, coaches will receive new missions that, just like the rest of the game, will be inspired by the summer atmosphere. To prevent the frustration that could ruin the summer idyll, Niantic decided to ease the system of fighting with other players, thus giving new coaches a chance to show what they can do. Of course, matching costumes that you can use to decorate your character also come into play.

We have listed the most important of what Alola has to offer players. If you are interested in more, we suggest that you visit the official website of the game, which lists in detail all the news that awaits you.

The Alola season will last until June 1 this year.

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