Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - On this day

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - On this day

The Rainbow Six series of games have been known for their challengingness for years. These were not your typical shooters - in the R6 you had to be tactical, and every shot could be decisive. And then came Rainbow Six Vegas which took the series towards a less realistic shootout. In Vegas, for example, players' health was restored automatically, and a third-person view was added to shoot from the shelter. These changes were well received, so in 2008, on this day, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was launched.

The game was partly a sequel and partly a precursor to the first Vegas. She introduced some interesting novelties in gameplay, among other things, giving commands to AI comrades using microphones, ie voice commands. In multiplayer, players were able to take pictures with the camera and transfer the image to give the character their appearance.

It was played with a character named Bishop, who could be both male and female. Unlike the first Vegas, which could be played by four players on the team at the same time, the cooperative play below was reduced to two players.

In addition to the main campaign, the game also offered the Terrorist Hunt mode from previous parts. In this mode, the game had the support for cooperative play of up to four players. Competitive multiplayer had ten maps and an elaborate progression system by collecting XP points.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 first came out on consoles and then on PC. It received slightly lower marks than the first part, but it was still very popular. It turned out that it was the last Rainbow Six of its kind because Ubisoft later canceled the Rainbow Six Patriots, and with Siege, the series was completely oriented towards multiplayer.

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