Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats, Codes List

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats, Codes List

Just like all Rockstar games, Red Dead Redemption 2 has good old cheat codes - whatever you want to call them. With them, you can activate some interesting options and an opportunity to experiment.

However, the cheats for Red Dead Redemption 2 work somewhat differently than in older games. You'll be able to activate half of them only after completing a given phase of the game or doing a specified action, and you'll find them reading newspapers and the like by carefully exploring the world.

Some RDR2 cheats are useful, but the game will warn you that they can only be used for entertainment. In other words, while your cheats are activated, you cannot record your progress in the game, and you will not be able to win trophies or achievements while playing.

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How to activate cheat codes in RDR 2 (Red Dead Redemption 2)?

Cheats in RDR 2 are activated as follows. Pause the game and enter "Settings". Then press the triangle button on the PlayStation 4 or the Y button in the case of the Xbox One console. A list of locked codes that you must enter to activate them will be displayed. As we wrote above, some cheat codes can be activated immediately, and some only after a certain part of the game. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Codes List

List of all Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes:

Cheat effect Cheat code Requirement
Add $500 Greed is now a virtue None
Basic weapons A simple life, a beautiful death None
Create Buggy Keep your dreams light None
Create race horse Run! Run! Run! None
Create Random Horse You want something new None
Create Stagecoach The best of the old ways None
Create Superior Horse You want more than you have None
Create Wagon Keep your dreams simple None
Decrease Honor You revel in your disgrace, I see None
Decrease Wanted Level You want freedom None
Forces you to become drunk A fool on command None
Gunslinger Weapons History is written by Fools None
Increase Health, Stamina and Dead Eye levels Seek all the bounty of this place None
Increase Horse Bonding My kingdom is a horse None
Increase Wanted Level You want punishment None
Increase Whistle Range for Horse Better than my dog None
Infinite Dead Eye Be Greedy only for Foresight None
Learn All Recipes Eat of Knowledge None
Own all Outfits Vanity. All is vanity None
Reset Honor Balance. All is balance None
Set Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars to Full You flourish before you die None
Set Dead Eye to level 1 Guide me Better None
Set Dead Eye to level 2 Make me Better None
Set Dead Eye to level 3 I shall be better None
Set Dead Eye to level 4 I still seek more None
Set Dead Eye to level 5 I seek and I find None
Stealth weapons Death is silence None
Purchase all Camp upgrades Share None
Clear all Bounties and Lockdown Areas You want everyone to go away None
Infinite Ammo Abundance is the dullest desire Own Newspaper Hanover 27 or Saint Denis 43 (acquired anytime in Chapter 2 >)

Heavy Ammo Greed is American Virtue Own Newspaper Saint Denis 46 (acquired in Chapter 3 after >Magicians for Sport >)

Remove Fog of War from map You long for sight and see nothing Own Newspaper Saint Denis 47 (acquired in Chapter 3 after Magicians for Sport >)

Increase Honor Virtue unearned is not virtue Own Newspaper Saint Denis Times 48 (after Chapter 4 mission Urban Pleasures)

Infinite Stamina The lucky be strong evermore Own Newspaper Saint Denis Times 49 (after completing Chapter 5)

Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye You seek more than the world offers Own Newspaper Saint Denis Times 52 (after Chapter 6 mission The King's Son)

Create War Horse You are a beast built for war Own Newspaper Saint Denis Times 53 (after completing the Epilogue)

Create Circus Wagon Would you be happier as a clown? Own Newspaper Saint Denis Times 54 (after completing the Epilogue)

There's also a chance that Rockstar Social Club cheats will appear in the future, much like they did in the first Red Dead Redemption, but none of that has happened yet. If there is any new information, we will update this page.

Remember that all active Red Dead 2 cheats will prevent you from unlocking achievements or trophies for the duration of the game.

How to unlock Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats with newspapers?

As explained previously, certain requirements exist in the form of newspapers, which are sold by settlement sellers. To unlock the cheat, you must own the relevant Newspaper, which is printed at the bottom if you flip it over.

If you try to enter these kinds of cheats ahead of time, the game will tell you "You do not meet the prerequisites to unlock this cheat".

There are three different sorts of newspapers, each of which will publish fresh versions at different times throughout the story. You can buy them from Valentine (New Hanover Gazette), Strawberry (Blackwater Ledger), and Rhodes (Saint Denis Times), or wait until the end to catch up on the back catalog.

There are occasions when you can't buy a newspaper from a vendor for some reason. If you run into this problem, we recommend trying again later. As far as we can tell, none of them are easy to overlook, so don't worry if you miss one.

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