Resident Evil Village Could Come To the Game Pass

Resident Evil Village Could Come To the Game Pass

Resident Evil 7 ended up in the fall of 2020 on a Game Pass subscription for PC and Xbox, and it seems that his example could soon be followed by Resident Evil (8) Village. A hint of this is transmitted by the Polish portal, seeing that the Xbox Store for Poland at RE Village briefly stated that the game is included in the subscription to the Game Pass. In the meantime, it was removed, but chances are that it was not an error, but the information was simply published before the agreed time.

This has happened before, for example with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which was also first spotted on the Polish Xbox Store before it officially became part of the Game Pass / EA Play.

Resident Evil Village is approaching its first anniversary and on that occasion could get some new content that Capcom announced last summer. If we get those content soon, they probably won't be part of the game we could find on the subscription.

As for the subscription, it is rumored that Sony will unveil an extension of its PS Plus subscription this week, done precisely to offer an answer to the Xbox Game Pass. Probably Microsoft won't "sleep peacefully" either, so this week it could announce the arrival of Resident Evil Village on the Game Pass.

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