Sacred - On This Day

Sacred - On This Day

Germany is not a superpower in the video game industry, but several interesting fantasy RPG franchises started coming from that country at the beginning of the 21st century. First came Gothic, and then on this day followed an isometric ARPG called Sacred. Comparisons of Sacred with Diablo were inevitable, but despite this, the German hit managed to sell more than a million copies as a PC exclusive, which was a great success at the time.

Sacred began his life as a potential adaptation of the famous tabletop game The Dark Eye. However, in the end, the project changed the developer, so he set out on the original story of the continent of Ancaria, which is threatened by the ancient demon Sakkara.

Sacred brought a great world, a bunch of different kinds of opponents of that class that were different enough from those of the Devil. We had a vampire and an angel class, among other things. The specificity of the game was that the story ran on different parts of the map depending on which class we chose.

The map in the game was huge so the possibility of riding a horse for a faster trip was welcome. The action used to get fierce given a large number of characters on the screen, there was even PvP multiplayer for up to sixteen players at a time.

The game received two expansions after its release. Sacred Plus was a free add-on with new regions and tasks. This was followed by a major Sacred Underworld expansion with two additional classes and a new story. The original game, along with that expansion, was packaged in the Sacred Gold compilation release that was launched in 2005. This edition can still be purchased on Steam or GOG. 

Four years later, Sacred received the sequel Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which failed to achieve the same result as the original by moving to a 3D environment. The third part came out in 2014 and was poorly received due to the transition to arcade action. Currently, the rights to the Sacred series are held by THQ Nordic.

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