The best controller was chosen, according to the votes of people from Twitter

The best controller was chosen, according to the votes of people from Twitter

Every gamer who plays on consoles probably has their favorite controller. In the last half-century, there have been hundreds of different controllers, both good and bad, and on the occasion of the upcoming BAFTA Games Awards, a vote was held for the best controller ever created.

The selection of the best controller was held according to the tournament format of the confrontation on Twitter. A total of 16 controllers participated, among which were the controllers of the consoles themselves, but also add-ons, ie controllers for individual games. According to the votes of the participants, two controllers from Sony and Nintendo were in the final phase of the competition. The final confrontation was between the DualShock 2 controller for PlayStation 2 and the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5.

The victory was ultimately taken by the current DualSense controller.

Of course, the voting here was very basic: individual segments of the controller were not evaluated but only the general impression. DualSense was dominant in the final - 72% of voters voted for him, but the whole thing should not be taken seriously because a total of 475 people voted in the final, significantly less than the number of people participating in our voting, and we are not even the British Academy.

Anyway, this audience award will be publicly announced as part of the awards ceremony to be held on April 7 this year, whatever you think about the quality of the winning controller.

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