Tekken 4 - On This Day

Tekken 4 - On This Day

It may sound unbelievable, but the Tekken martial arts series won its first three games three years apart. This was followed by a three-year break after which we did not get a fourth Tekken but a spin-off that brought a doubles fight. The wait came to an end today 20 years ago when Tekken 4 hit the Japanese market in a PlayStation 2 version.

Tekken 4 was presented to us as a dark chapter of a series in which Jin Kazama, the character on the cover, practically became the living devil. The foursome debuted characters Steve Fox, Craig Marduk, and Christie Monteiro became a sexy version of Eddy from the threesome.

Tekken 4 was based on the new engine and made some interesting changes to the series. The fighters were thus able to move before the round began, and the importance of the environment in which the fight takes place was increased. Thus, additional damage could be inflicted on the opponent by nailing him to a wall or other surface. Moreover, breaking down the walls by levels was introduced so that the environment could change during the match.

Tekken 4 was well-received among fans. The game was eventually bought by more than two million players. True, it was Tekken's weakest result on the PS2 console, and far from the top three, which sold more than eight million copies.

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