Battlefield 2042 received a VoIP Update

Battlefield 2042 received a VoIP Update

Battlefield 2042 now has in-game voice communication, five months after launch. In addition, it is now possible to see how full the servers are when connecting, but also the performance statistics at the end of the match. Banal things, but in the context of Battlefield 2042 - welcome news.

The 4.0 version update brings over 400 improvements, including more meaningful weapon additions, smarter AI comrades, and several bug fixes. Some have therefore decided to give the game a second chance, so the number of active players in Battlefield 2042 on Steam has grown to more than three thousand, which is still very small, but at least not a three-digit number as it was earlier this month.

Although there are positive reactions to the changes, it can be seen again that DICE still has a lot to do with this game. For some, unforgivable bugs still occur, such as the inability to harm the enemy or the passage of bullets through objects. Game optimization is also in a state that is not acceptable to many.

During the summer, the game should get new content, ie the season, and until then, Electronic Arts probably hopes that people will not give up on it.

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