Disney Dreamlight Valley Is a Free Disneyland Where You Can Live Another Life

Disney Dreamlight Valley Is a Free Disneyland Where You Can Live Another Life

Watch this - Animal Crossing, but all the residents are characters from Disney and Pixar cartoons. And with that, it’s still free to play. Such an idea was presented by Disney and developer Gameloft in a game called Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In this game, we will visit the title Dreamlight Valley - once an idyllic village that became trapped by a "night thorn" after a mysterious event. The player will be in charge of unraveling the mystery that brought the village to the brink of ruin and bringing back memories to its residents. And the residents will be famous characters from the franchises Mickey Mouse, Lion King, Toy Story, Wall-E, Frozen, Hercules, etc.

In addition to performing tasks for famous characters, in Dreamlight Valley we will be able to gather with our avatar and arrange the village at will. We will have several biomes and several options for building houses, interior design, etc. Once we arrange the village at will, we will be able to participate in various activities such as fishing, gardening, working in a restaurant, etc.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been announced for all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, and Nintendo Switch. In the summer of 2022, it will get its early version, which will be available only to those who buy Founder’s Pack or have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. The free-to-play version will follow sometime later in 2023.

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