eFootball 2022 Finally Gets Version 1.0 Next Week

eFootball 2022 Finally Gets Version 1.0 Next Week

eFootball 2022 in version 1.0.0 arrives on April 14 this year, Konami announced. This applies to game versions for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms - while mobile ones have been delayed until further notice and Konami is sorry about that.

Version 1.0.0 brings several changes to the gameplay and introduces the first concrete mode. It was previously announced that it will be called the Creative Team, but there has been a change of name so it will be called the Dream Team.

In essence, it is still a mode in which players will gather footballers modeled on the Ultimate Team from FIFA and myClub from PES games. However, Konami says that in the meantime they have come up with some new ideas that they will present after the launch, on April 14.

Version 1.0.0 will not bring mods other than the Dream Team - so still nothing of the Master League. But if you are disappointed with the gameplay of eFootball 2022, maybe some changes in it make you give the game a second chance. Here's what's new:


  • the pressing command is reintroduced when playing defense as in the old PES games
  • a new “Shoulder Charge” move is introduced for more proactive ball stealing, most effective when the opponent builds the ball or is away from the ball
  • the "Call for Pressure" command is introduced, with which it is possible to engage more of your footballers to actively try to take the ball away from the opponent


  • the feed rate is increased
  • the amount of "unnatural" errors when adding is reduced
  • a new “Stunning Pass” move has been added to add different paths


  • the speed of shooting toward the goal has been improved
  • the number of shots on goal was corrected to "adequately reflect the circumstances of the match", whatever that means to them
  • just as with the addition, the “Stunning Shot” option is introduced for multi-track strokes


  • dribbling is facilitated through more responsive controls and simpler feint performance
  • the “Sharp Touch” command is introduced

Other improvements:

  • the possibility of changing the formation, individual instructions for football players, substitution tactics, etc. are introduced.
  • Online multiplayer switches to a client-server system to minimize canceled matches when the game does not know who to punish for early termination of the match
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