Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Come To its End

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Come To an End

At the end of 2021, Ghost Recon Breakpoint became the first Ubisoft game in which NFTs were involved. Here we are just a few months later with the announcement that Ubisoft is interrupting the further development of this game.

After a total of 11 major updates and the painstaking rescue that could be saved, Ubisoft said they were ready to move on with their lives. They thanked everyone who gave the game a chance and those who will do so in the future, as the servers will stay alive until further notice. The only thing that is changing is that there will be no more new content or updates.

Ubisoft also said that player feedback on Ghost Recon Breakpoint will shape the future of the Ghost Recon franchise. And the feedback was initially negative and condemning due to the expulsion of comrades in offline play mode, the introduction of loot systems, and the like.

While the game has improved in some aspects, Ubisoft on the other hand messed up again by announcing Ghost Recon Frontline, a battle royale title that was then postponed after fans ridiculed the idea presented.

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