Still Life - On This Day

Still Life - On This Day

At the beginning of the 21st century, traditional point’n’click adventures were not in an enviable position, and their market was considered extinct. However, the French company Microids still believed that players were eager for games with a focus on stories. After Post Mortem in 2002, three years later, there was a sequel under another name - the detective game Still Life.

In Still Life, we took on the role of FBI detective Victoria McPherson, who was investigating a series of brutal murders in Chicago. The plot was for the detective to quickly discover that her grandfather had investigated a very similar case of a serial killer 80 years earlier in Prague, which Prague prostitutes resented.

During the game, Victoria met several times with a masked killer who is a lover of art, or rather still life. However, the conclusion of the story did not come in this game, but a sequel followed four years later, but not from the team that worked on the first two parts because Ubisoft bought it in the meantime.

Still, Life was the "other face" of Microids adventures alongside the more popular Syberia. The performance of the game was quite similar, but thematically Still Life, was more focused on the criminal investigation, which included questioning witnesses, reviewing crime scenes, etc. The game was divided into a part that took place in 2004 and a plot from 1920. which gave it an interesting dynamic.

Still Life eventually sold a quarter of a million copies. Even today it can be purchased on Steam and GOG for $ 8.

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