There is a chance for a Final Fantasy 9 Remake

There is a chance for a Final Fantasy 9 Remake

About half a year ago, a list of games was found on Nvidia's servers, including several as-yet unannounced games. Nvidia was quick to say that this is just a speculative list for internal monitoring and that they have no knowledge that Crysis 4, Sniper Elite 5, Street Fighter 6, and Kingdom Hearts 4 are coming to us, ie games that are in the next six months. were officially confirmed.

Nvidia's list also confirmed the GTA: Trilogy remaster, the arrival of God of War, Uncharted, and Final Fantasy 7 on the PC platform. Although there are still several games from that list that have not been announced (Tekken 8, XCOM 3, Cities Skylines 2, etc.), it is increasingly believed that there is no coincidence in this and that Nvidia's list of unannounced games is largely authentic.

This is especially believed in the case of the publishing house Square Enix, whose yesterday's announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 put another tick in a series of games from Nvidia's list. Earlier, Nvidia revealed that the Chrono Cross remaster was coming to us even before the game was announced.

It is interesting that the mentioned list also included Final Fantasy 9 Remake, whose existence is no longer unthinkable. Although Square Enix is ​​already working on several Final Fantasy games, another studio may be working on the project. But all this is still just speculation - now even sweeter because there are greater chances that there could be something true behind them.

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