An Adventure of Survival in the Woods - Among the Trolls - Has Been Announced

An Adventure of Survival in the Woods - Among the Trolls - Has Been Announced

Somehow I have the impression that games in the survival genre are divided into only two groups: those that take place in a forest environment and others that are located on the side of the planet. The first group will have a new title Among the Trolls, which will take us to a Finnish forest full of magic. It will be an action-adventure from a first-person perspective, with elements of crafting and survival.

We will be able to choose between two characters, Alexa and Anne, who come to visit their hermit grandfather. But Alex or Anna finds an abandoned hut and since then the search for the mystical forest has begun.

Just like the name of the game says, there will be trolls in the forest. However, it seems that Among the Trolls will not be a game focused on fighting and destroying. Unlike other survival games, here the interaction with the environment will have consequences. The game will encourage the player to bring gifts and sacrifices to nature to repay her. If you only take from nature, e.g. by tearing down a bunch of trees, nature will punish you by making it harder for you to survive by sending angry spirits at you.

Among the Trolls promises typical things for the survival genre games - building a hut and decorating it, taking care of hunger, thirst, and temperature, etc. But there will also be some unusual mechanics, such as the search for a nugget of gold.

Among the Trolls has been announced for the PC platform. It will first be launched in the early access phase on Steam sometime during 2022.

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