God of War Ragnarök Will Borrow Some Options From the PC Version of God of War

God of War Ragnarök Will Borrow Some Options From the PC Version of God of War

Sony's games have recently been at the forefront of options that allow all players to experience them, including those with some difficulty. The Last of Us Part II, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon: Forbidden West are examples of games where a lot can be customized around controls, displays, sound, gameplay, etc. And God of War Ragnarök will continue in the same direction.

Sony has now confirmed that Ragnarök will take over some of the options that came with the PC version of the first God of War earlier this year. It will be possible to set up automatic sprinting, change one-touch targeting or keystrokes, as well as block attacks, and you will be able to set a permanent sight in the middle of the screen.

Ragnarök will also have the ability to choose colors for subtitles, subtitle size, subtitle background, speaker names, description of sound effects, etc. The entire game interface will be able to increase to be more readable, which includes icons, ie indicators that appear in the middle of gameplay.

The game will offer several pre-designed control schemes, but if the player wants to, he will be able to fully adjust all the commands on the controller as he sees fit. A high-contrast mode is introduced for players who have problems with color recognition, as well as various aids in navigating the game.

For example, it will be possible to determine the automatic rotation of the camera towards the target, automatic skipping, climbing, etc., as well as sound signals for each indicator of the action, ie the key that needs to be pressed.

Sony did not want to reveal anything related to the release date today. God of War Ragnarök does not currently have a release date - it is expected in 2022, but it is easily possible that the game's release will be postponed.

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