Alleged Images of the New Silent Hill Have Surfaced!

Alleged Images of the New Silent Hill Have Surfaced!

The famous leaker nicknamed Dusk Golem, who became famous by discovering Resident Evil Village before the official announcement has just released the details and materials of the new Silent Hill game. Konami reacted quickly and removed the images of the game, which is confirmation that they are authentic.

The source states that the pictures of the game are quite old - they date from 2020 and states that there is a chance that the game has changed significantly in the meantime. He also mentions that this is not the only Silent Hill project in development, and he can't say for sure whether it comes from the Bloober Team (which we know is preparing a "horror game from a famous series") or from another studio. One of the conceptual images bears the name Masahiro Ito - known to Silent Hill fans as the designer responsible for the look of the opponent, ie the creator of Pyramid Head.

New Silent Hill pic1

It seems that one of the characters of the new Silent Hill could be a girl who has mental problems (potential name Christa Neumann). Her apartment is a total mess, full of garbage, and the walls are plastered with hundreds of pieces of paper with messages.

Of course, none of this is official yet so take it with a dose of the reserve. But, as we have already written, the pictures would not have been removed from Twitter if they meant nothing to Konami. Luckily for Silent Hill fans, it’s hard to hide things once they appear online.

New Silent Hill pic2

Silent Hill is a cult horror series that started in the late nineties, received two film adaptations, and was to be revived under the direction of the creator of Metal Gear games, Hideo Kojima. But Konami and Kojima quarreled and broke up, a project called Silent Hills was canceled and the franchise has since been put aside. Rumors in recent years have said that Silent Hill will return with not one but two games, one of which could be a narrative adventure in the style of Telltale’s games.

So far, none of that has been officially confirmed or announced.

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