Battlefield 2 - On This Day

Battlefield 2 - On This Day

The United States, Britain, and the European Union are at war with Russia, China, and their aides. It sounds like a pretty compelling scenario of our reality, but in fact, it was the plot of Battlefield 2 that emerged on this day 17 years ago. The game was set in the then near-future of 2007, and the Battlefield series led to modern warfare after PC players served deadlines in 1942 and the Vietnam War.

Battlefield 2 changed the environment but continued the tradition of its series by focusing on team multiplayer. The game could also be played in a single-player with bots, but without any campaign or story. At the time, Battlefield could play 64 players per server, which was not standard practice. Two teams fought on the battlefield, the goal of which was to win as many checkpoints on the map as possible, which also spawned points.

Battlefield 2 had a total of seven classes to choose from before the match or after dying. According to the tradition of the series, players were also able to drive vehicles, which was one of the biggest features of Battlefield. Battlefield 2 was launched with 12 maps, and all maps had three variations depending on whether there were 16, 32, or 64 players in the match.

The game was very well received after its release and quickly gained the expansion of Special Forces, Euro Force, and Armored Fury. In addition to official content, user mods were also popular. Battlefield 2 was a real PC exclusive at the time, although there was a console game called Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. But it was still a separate product with a single-player campaign.

After two, Battlefield went into the future in 2142, followed by experimentation with Battlefield Heroes on PC and Bad Company for consoles. Battlefield 2 was alive until mid-2014 when her official servers shut down. Unofficially, the game through mods came to life until 2017, when Electronic Arts requested the shutdown of alternative servers. Battlefield 2 is so dead today, and the game can no longer be bought.

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