See what the canceled Jason Bourne game in the style of GTA and Watch Dogs looked like

Jason Bourne game

Before creating Prototype, they experimented with several other open-world games at the Radical Entertainment development studio. Among them was the canceled action game in Jason Bourne's universe, and it is from that game that materials have now been unearthed that show us what the game could have been like. The Mafia Game Videos channel has released an unprecedented video of the game lasting about ten minutes, and through it, we can see the main mechanics of the gameplay and several scenes from the missions themselves.

The game was called Treadstone and was in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 between 2007 and 2008. She was a sandbox type, with free movement around the city and driving, and she had a pretty agile protagonist who jumped out the windows, used movable shelters, and took opponents as a shield.

Although it all looks rough and awkward today, the game itself had some interesting ideas and could have been something interesting. However, Treadstone is eventually canceled, and there is no chance that it will ever come back to life.

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