Commandos 3 will get an HD remaster

Commandos 3 will get an HD remaster

Commandos 3 (Destination Berlin) will get its “HD remaster” later this year. For now, the PC version has been confirmed, which will bring several changes. Modified 3D character models, refined textures, an improved controller, a refined interface, and guides and tips for players who are not veterans of this series are announced.

In addition to the single-player campaign, which takes players from Stalingrad, across the coast of Normandy to Berlin, the Commandos 3 remaster will also have multiplayer for 2-8 players with Deathmatch and CTF modes.

This is now Commandos' second remaster. Previously, in 2020, Commandos 2: Men of Courage received its remaster, but it was not very famous due to the poor technical condition in which it was launched, and the censorship of certain segments of the game.

A somewhat comforting fact for the threesome remaster could be that it is not run by developers who have worked on the Commandos 2 remaster.

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