Deadpool - On This Day

Deadpool - On This Day

Deadpool experienced its film fame in 2015, but in the world of video games, it made jokes a full two years earlier. Virtual Deadpool came at a time when the publishing house Activision had practically already cracked a license for Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, X-Men, and others.

Consequently, the game was not greeted with great excitement, but it introduced new generations of players to a barking anti-hero in a red-and-black jumpsuit. It was a classic action game with shooting and hitting opponents, a linear type with the ability to upgrade weapons.

Deadpool’s humorous tone was noticeable from the start of its plot. In this game, Deadpool suggests High Moon Studios make a game about him and even hires actor Nolan North to lend him a voice. The team rejects the proposal, but Deadpool forces them to create a game by placing explosives in the studio. He later changes his mind because he is bored with the game. Isn’t that one of the best META things in games you’ve ever heard?

The actual budget for Deadpool was about a hundred million dollars, but that didn’t help him achieve a notable result. We remember the game by the fact that it was on sale for less than a year, so it was withdrawn from the shelves because Activision lost its license to play with Marvel characters. Then in 2015, Deadpool appeared on current consoles, only to disappear from them again in 2017. And since then it can no longer be found anywhere on sale.

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