Pokemon Scarlet and Violet get a release date

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet get a release date

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 18 this year. It’s still not clear to us what trick the GameFreak team used to complete two games 10 months apart, but we’re glad the new Pokemon haven’t been postponed to 2023… for now. Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon will be on the covers. Each of them will be exclusive for one edition of the game - Koraidon for Scarlet, and Miraidon for Violet.

A new trailer has also been released that introduces us to Professors Sad (Scarlet) and Tur (Violet), new types of Pokemon, and again - disappointingly silly graphics. If nothing else, Scarlet and Violet seem like a significantly more colorful game than Arceus, so maybe that will help digest the same.

By the way, the trailer shows that this game will borrow some mechanics from the aforementioned Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Here we primarily mean sneaking in to catch Pokemon. The game itself should be even more open than the spin-off, with no barriers between wilderness and cities.

It has also been revealed that Pokemon Scarlet / Violet will finally bring some specific multiplayer segments to its series. Up to four players will be able to find themselves in multiplayer, who will jointly explore locations and hunt and exchange Pokemon. Environmental research alone will not be story-related, but players will be able to go anywhere in the world with their team at any time.

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