Former Blizzards developers announce free-to-play game Stormgate

Former Blizzards developers announce free-to-play game Stormgate

Blizzard hasn’t run a strategy game in years… at least not for PC, so several veterans left the studio and formed their team called Frost Giant Studios. Yesterday they presented their first game - a fantasy strategy called Stormgate.

It will be a game set far into the future, in which humanity will fight demonic forces with swords. Both sides in the conflict will be playful, and the gameplay loop will include gathering resources, building a base, and managing units in battles against enemies. Classic!

Stormgate will be completely adaptable to the player's wishes - the campaign will be able to play independently or cooperatively in a group of up to three players. Multiplayer will have competitive 1-on-1 play and will bring a tournament system. The game will also have an editor in which players will be able to create their missions, mini-games, etc., and share them with others.

Sounds great, and how much will it cost? Nothing - they say from Frost Giant, Stormgate will be a free-to-play game. And they say they are aware of how suspicious players are about it, so at the outset, they say that their game, unlike some, will never be a pay-to-win title. Never! How will he make money from it then? They say they have additional and optional content planned for Stormgate. The basic game will be free, so if you like it, you will be able to buy additional content if you want and thus help the developers.

Stormgate has been announced as a PC exclusive for now, and the first beta testing on Steam will be conducted in 2023.

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