Street Fighter 6 brings an open world and commentators into the fight

Street Fighter 6 brings an open world and commentators into the fight

Street Fighter 6 will be a slightly different type of fighting game if we believe what we saw in the first presentation. The biggest novelty will be the World Tour mode - a single-player component with a story for which players will create their character, and will move around the (semi) open world and fight with gangs. That’s all we know so far about that fashion.

The second new mode will be the Battle Hub, a kind of arena that will have not only fights but also other forms of "communication". So, something like a lobby where players will hang out with their avatars. But don't worry - all the classic mods will also be present in Street Fighter 6, including Arcade mode, Versus, training, and Online battles.

Street Fighter 6 will run the RE Engine, used for Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games. Capcom on the visual side promises sweat and muscle cramps, accompanied by graffiti aesthetics.

This demonstration confirmed the return of famous characters including Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke, while the new characters will be Jaime and Kimberly. Jaime will be an interesting fighter because his style is based on "drunk boxing".

A novelty in the mechanics of the gameplay will be the Drive System, a meter that will allow the performance of five different techniques, both offensive and defensive. When you charge the Drive meter, you will be able to perform:

  • Drive Impact - a powerful move that absorbs the opponent's attack and returns it to him as a block that cannot be blocked
  • Drive Parry - automatically repels attacks filled by the Drive meter
  • Overdrive Art - similar to previous EX moves that fill special attacks
  • Drive Rush - abrupt approach to the opponent
  • Drive Reversal - counterattack when blocking an opponent's attack

The game will have two control systems: classic and modern. The classic uses 6 buttons for attacks and is intended for veterans of martial arts games. The modern control system makes it easy to perform special moves by combining a separate button and direction on the D-Pad.

A kind of news for Street Fighter, and the genre of martial arts, will be matches with commentators. Capcom has hired well-known martial arts community commentators (for now Vicious and Arua) to comment and has recorded their voices that will recount in real-time what is happening on screen. This makes Capcom hope that new players will more easily understand the game and the basics of gameplay.

Street Fighter 6 has been announced for PC, PlayStation 5, and 4, and is back on the Xbox (Series).

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