Dino Crisis - On This Day

Dino Crisis - On This Day

On this day, 23 years ago, Dino Crisis was launched in Japan for the first PlayStation. Capcom's adventure was structurally reminiscent of the Resident Evil series but instead of zombies, it put different types of dinosaurs in front of the protagonist Regina. The action took place in the distant future of 2009, and unlike Mikami's RE series, Dino Crisis used a 3D environment in the distant past of 1999.

Interestingly, the game was supposedly not supposed to have dinosaurs as opponents. In the initial version, it was supposed to be set in the jungle where we would fight gorillas and snakes, among other things. But just as Resident Evil gave up on aliens and opted for zombies, so Dino Crisis embraced dinosaurs. A total of six types of dinosaurs could be seen in the game. The most common opponents were velociraptors, and the most terrifying, of course, was the T-Rex.

The game received a lot of good reviews after its release and sold over two million copies. A year later, it received ports for the PC and Dreamcast console, but they were not particularly noticed. Two GameBoy ports of the game were canceled, and today a playable version can be found on the PlayStation 3 console.

In 2000, there was already a sequel that moved away from the scares and slower approach into fully arcade waters, resulting in an even better game. By 2003, the series had two spin-off games, the light gun shooter Dino Stalker, and the mobile game Dino Crisis: Dungeon in Chaos. The last appearance of the series was through Dino Crisis 3, which was exclusive to Xbox. Unfortunately, the game was not popular and put the entire series on hiatus until further notice.

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