A player spent 100 thousand dollars on Diablo Immortal, and now he is so powerful that he has no one to play with

A player spent 100 thousand dollars on Diablo Immortal

The old rich man's adage says that large amounts of money create more problems than solutions, and here's proof of that - straight from real life. A YouTuber with the nickname jtisallbusiness spent 100 thousand US dollars on his character in the game Diablo Immortal a month ago. He is now considering asking for a refund because it ruined his ability to play.

With such a role in his character, the YouTuber became too strong for the game itself, namely its Battlegrounds PvP mode. After defeating hundreds of players in PvP, his matchmaking rank has soared so high that the game can no longer find a suitable opponent to match him with.

The YouTuber contacted Blizzard about the issue and was reportedly told that it would be fixed in a few weeks. However, now it has come to the point that his clan cannot participate in clan activities with a PvP component because he is their leader and other players "feel" for it.

The YouTuber made a show out of this situation and asked his fans if they should request a refund. Admittedly, the YouTube viewers themselves mostly condemned the fact that he spent $100k on the game in the first place. Commentators write that he got what he was looking for - he paid to win and he won the pay-to-win game itself. Others point out that such greedy spending spoils the game for everyone because it encourages developers to design games with microtransactions and various blocks that have to be bypassed.

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