After two delays Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Johny

After two delays, Cyberpunk 2077 is still not ready


While we haven’t personally tried it, the trailers have quite credibly portrayed how massive Cyberpunk is. To write down every detail, the Polish studio moved the prime minister, originally scheduled for March 16, first to September 17, and then to November 19. In mid-June, when a new date was announced, the game was over, according to studio chief Adam Badowski. Extra time was given to the developers to make sure once again that the game was tight, and avoided the painstaking pace of work that is inherent in the gaming industry.

According to Bloomberg, it seems that the overtime drill did not bypass the employees of the CD Project Red. The studio prescribed 6 working days a week for a month and a half before the start of sales, after sending the game to Sony and Microsoft for inspection. However, an unnamed source from the studio admitted to the portal that this is not a new measure, but that it has been done for more than a year. The co-founder of the studio, Marcin Iwinski, last year punched himself in the chest for not succumbing to pressure in this way, but according to Adam Badowski, "there is nowhere to go". It is not that we do not sympathize with the suffering of the working class, but it is not that we ignore the fear of a new delay.

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