Xbox Series X terabytes on paper

Storage capacity on Xbox Series X - terabytes on paper only


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The prices of the new consoles provided the consoles with a serious argument in the discussion with PC gamers. In exchange for 300 (Xbox Series S), 400 (PlayStation 5 Digital), or 500 (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5) dollars, you get a system that will easily "force" games for the next 7 years. However, as they noticed on GameSpot, the final price is still slightly higher in the case of the Microsoft console, because the need for additional storage will arise quickly.

XBOX Storage

Namely, on the Xbox Series X from the declared terabyte of space, for a shade less than 200 (198) gigabytes, the operating system takes up, which is about a fifth! This sounds familiar to owners of 120 gigabytes SSDs because Windows 10 can burn about 20 gigabytes, but it's one thing to use a computer and it's quite another to install games that are getting bulkier and there is no end in sight to this trend. Using the Quick resume option also requires additional space, as positions are stored in the warehouse. Of course, there are solutions, but you have to pay extra - an external 1TB NVMe SSD that "stings" on the back and costs $ 220. In the case of the S model, when the base warehouse is 512, this reinforcement will be even more necessary, although it is to be expected that its system will still take up less space. So $ 300 is 520, and those 500 become 720, which are already more serious numbers.

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