New details have emerged for Blizzard's survival game

New details have emerged for Blizzard's survival game

At the beginning of the year, development studio Blizzard announced its first survival-type game, set in a completely new fantasy world. Although the game has reportedly been in development since 2017, concrete work has only recently begun, and journalist Jez Corden for the Xbox Two podcast presented the first details.

Please note that this is unofficial and unconfirmed information, so treat it as a rumor that may not necessarily be true. After all, a lot of things can change during game development. In any case, here are the frisky rumors:

  • the code name of the project is Odyssey
  • the game is designed for first-person perspective/view
  • visually, the game will have colorful tones and "cartoon graphics", so similar to the first and only conceptual drawing we have for now
  • the main survival mechanics will be present: gathering resources, building objects, and fighting, with various magics available in addition to weapons

For Blizzard, this game is the third major project they have in development after Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. It could easily be Blizzard's first exclusive for Xbox/PC platforms.

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