Dune: Awakening will take us to Arrakis to survive in an MMO environment

 Dune: Awakening will take us to Arrakis to survive in an MMO environment

After navigating the desert of Arrakis, in the foreseeable future we will be able to survive within it, but in an MMO environment. The newly announced  will show us the difficult life on the sand planet - in addition to building, exploring, collecting resources, and making sure not to dehydrate, we will also have to avoid a huge sandworm.

As it is an MMO game, the social aspect will also play a significant role. This means joining or creating your faction to influence the world. Be it through spice gathering, trade, subterfuge, or open conflict. The fights will primarily take place on the ground, but they can also continue in the air. Massive battles are mentioned, but there are currently no specific details on what that means.

Another significant element in the game will be sandstorms that will change the appearance of the planet. Going into unexplored sectors will usually mean uncovering secrets and riches before the desert as we knew it changes. However, we don't yet know how this will work in practice, as the trailer that announced Dune: Awakening did not feature a reveal.

In any case, Dune: Awakening has been announced for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series platforms, with no release date set for now.

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