Dead Island 2 has finally been revealed, it looks brutal and bloody

Dead Island 2 has finally been revealed, it looks brutal and bloody

For a very long time now, Dead Island 2 has been dragging around gaming news. A little comes, a little doesn't come, a little by one developer, a little by another... However, at last night's Gamescom opening, we finally got a concrete description of the game, as well as a confirmed release date - February 3, 2023.

From what we have seen, the game looks quite decent, despite some expectations that after so much hype surrounding this game, the result will be bad. Of course, the famous next-gen graphics are shown there, but contrary to expectations, the game comes from the last generation of consoles, so we will be able to play the game on PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One. There will be a PC edition, of course, but exclusively for the Epic Games Store.

It's still going to be zombie bashing at the forefront, but we'll have a total of six characters to choose from, and the essential co-op component should make the experience as sweet as possible.

It is interesting that Dead Island 2 will be one of the first games that will use the new functionality of Alexa Game Control - so that by voice commands you can summon zombies, change weapons, set quests, etc. Admittedly, this possibility will not be available to us on the old continent but is exclusive to the American audience

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