No Applicable Update Data Was Found PS3 [SOLVED]

No Applicable Update Data Was Found PS3

If you're still having trouble updating your PS3 via pen drive, you've come to the perfect place. Many PSx [particularly PlayStation 3] gamers are experiencing issues while downloading official/custom firmware updates [OFM / CFM]. Learn more about the fix for the hard drive upgrade software update install and Ps3 no applicable data found.

[FIX] No appropriate data discovered for PS3 update - PS4 users used to wonder how to update PS4 / PS3 via USB. Fixing corrupted PS4 update data, as well as learning the PS3 hard disk format and much more.

No Applicable update data was found

Many users have reported that they are unable to update their PS3 using a USB flash drive due to this annoying error "No applicable update data was found. Connect storage media with version 4.82 OFW Update, 4.10, or later update data, and then simultaneously click the START and SELECT buttons. "

Users are also accustomed to searching; nevertheless, no applicable update data was found Sony Bravia. Connect storage media that contains updated data of version 4.82 or later, the system software cannot be run correctly. Sony Bravia, PS3 rebug no applicable update data was detected, connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.82 or later, the system software cannot be run correctly. To try to restart the system, hit the ps button; however, no relevant update data was discovered. PSP, PS3 USB firmware update, PS3 update, connect storage medium with version 4.70 or later update data, and so on.

Your PS3 is stuck on a black screen with the message "No Applicable Update Data Was Found." Initially, I assumed it was related to the Hard Drive Upgrade issue, as you can't update your PS3 by pen drive if the parameters listed below aren't correct. When users connect a PS3 storage media, such as a USB pen drive, an error message appears that says "Applicable Update Data Not Found" or "Connect storage media that includes version update data." Neither your PS3 storage media [memory stick PS3] nor Sony software are at fault. Learn how to fix this error that occurred when updating PS3 software or downloading PlayStation firmware in a simple manner.

Many tried every available method before concluding that the information had been preserved appropriately. They also attempted saving PlayStation update system software [Latest PS3 firmware] to SD card and using an adapter, then using DVD-R or DVD-RW, but no luck. Then, after swapping out an HDD from an old YOLD 40GB with no luck, they spent hours formatting and updating the system software.  

Then they were referred from the Sony PC support page and had a FAT CECH M03 YOLD HDD with a lot of data on it, so they were hesitant to put it in PS3 SLIM because it would instantly format it and most likely produce another error message like "Can't detect HDD" etc. Furthermore, some of them have been tested in SAFE MODE. Finally, it keeps saying "no relevant data detected," and they appear to be asking, "Why is my upgraded PlayStation 3 hard drive still not working???" 

Fix No update data was found that was relevant.

Before I begin, I'd want to point out that the most recent Sony software, which is specifically designed for PlayStation updates or PSx firmware updates, is CASE senstive. According to Sony PC support, the update file should be placed in the precise folder on the PS3 storage media.

Follow the instructions to fix the Ps3 no applicable data found issue with hard disk upgrades and software updates. 

  1. The USB device should be formatted in FAT32 format with the default allocation unit.
  2. There must be a folder named "PS3" in the drive's root directory (upper-case only)
  3. There must be a subfolder titled "UPDATE" in the "/PS3/" folder (upper-case again)
  4. You'll need a file called "PS3UPDAT.PUP" in the "/PS3/UPDATE/" sub-folder (upper-case yet again and see this name carefully, its UPDAT not UPDATE)
  5. As a result, the update file's local pathname on that drive must be "/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP." 


Initially, you were looking for information; however, no relevant update data was discovered. 3.55 ps3 jailbreak There was no relevant update data found, no acceptable update data found, and no relevant update data found. No suitable update data was detected during a PS3 hard disk upgrade. Connect storage media containing update data of version 4.70 or later to the PS3, no applicable data found Fix your PS3 by connecting a storage device that includes update data for version 4.55 or later, and you'll be good to go.

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