Factory warehouse Windows 10

Factory warehouse diagnostics on Windows 10 are coming



One of the features that Microsoft has been equipping its operating system with since Windows 7 is automatic warehouse defragmentation. Although this is occasionally recommended for HDDs, with SSDs it can always shorten the working time if it is overdone. One of the bugs in the May update of ten just messed up with some users in this segment, so defragmentation would follow after each system restart.

The bug in Optimize Drives has been fixed in the meantime, but the developers have decided to be more careful with user SSDs in the future. That some error will not endanger the device again, and therefore the data, can not guarantee, but the new option, which is currently simmering in the Insiders program (Build 20226) will warn at least in time with a pop-up when diagnostics determine that the service life is coming to an end, and suggest data backup. A practical thing for average users, and also for those more experienced who probably use gadgets of a similar purpose, but the question is how often they check the condition.

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