WoW Shadowlands postponed

WoW Shadowlands postponed (VIDEO)



Blizzard Entertainment has postponed the launch of a new expansion for World of Warcraft. Until a few hours ago, Shadowlands was supposed to hit live on servers on October 27 this year, but a growing number of beta participants helped uncover a worrying number of bugs, while, on the other hand, community outrage over certain gaming systems continued. expansion.

The pressure from loyal players seems to have paid off as Shadowlands executive producer John Height announced through all available official channels that the expansion has been delayed until further notice. (You can find the full notice on the official WoW website). A new Shadowlands launch date is not known, but it should still happen before the end of this year. Historically, this will break the record in the maximum interval between the occurrence of two expansions of 26 months (which was the case between vanilla and TB, or MoP and WoD).

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However, the pre-patch will appear as planned, on October 13. This will traditionally incorporate most of the essential technical foundations of the forthcoming expansion into WoW, such as level 50 squash, a new, customizable leveling system based on Exile's Reach now, as well as a new, more complex interface for creating and customizing the appearance of characters.

There was no attempt in the official statement to justify this delay with the new circumstances of working from home during the pandemic, because, although it was certainly an additional factor, the main reasons for moving the expansion are more due to the decisions of the development team.

An extra wait of at least a month is certainly not what active players eager for new content want to hear, but if you look at the bigger picture, it is better to polish the expansion properly than to throw it out hastily with a bunch of problems. When Shadowlands is ready to launch, Blizzard will launch a new global event in the form of a pre-launch invasion of Scourge’s undead armies.

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