Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card

Nvidia is postponing the release of the RTX 3070 graphics card for October 29th


NVIDIA GeForce RTX-3080


Nvidia has updated its website, which now lists the RTX 3070 graphics card with a new release date, which is October 29th. This means that the announcement of the GPU was postponed for two weeks.

The reason for postponing the start of the sale of the mentioned video card is currently unknown. However, given the problems following the release of the RTX 3080 model, Nvidia wants to give its AIB partners more time to test custom models before they go on sale.

Also, Nvidia may want to boost the stock that will be available on the first day, allowing more fans to buy the RTX 3070 on the day of the start of sales.


Nvidia with the RTX 3070 graphics card model promises performance as with the RTX 2080 Ti model, and at a price of $ 499, so high demand for these models is expected.

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