Gord's dark adventure has been announced, by former producer The Witcher 3

Gord's dark adventure

Stan Just, one of the producers of the hit game The Witcher 3, left the CD Project team three years ago and founded his studio called Covenant.dev. For the past year, that Warsaw studio has been working on a secret game, and now they have finally introduced it as a dark fantasy title called Gord.

It is a single-player game made exclusively for the PC platform, which combines strategy and adventure in terms of genre, and is thematically inspired by Slavic folklore (similar to Witcher). The basic concept of this game will be to build a city from an ordinary dwelling to a large fortress. But construction will be threatened by enemy tribes and grotesque monsters coming from the dark forest all the time.

The player will therefore have to send their citizens to deal with these threats, and they will retell their adventures - if they return intact. Much like in the indie hit Darkest Dungeon, all the characters will have their level of the psyche, and if they are overwhelmed then they will flee in the middle of a fight.


The story will be told in Gordo in part through The Chronicle, a book that explains the history of the universe. The only problem is that the pages of that book are scattered across the earth and need to be found to find out the origins of gods and other mythical creatures.

Gord is currently announced for PC (Steam) and should be out sometime during 2022.

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