The first big update for the PlayStation 5 arrives tomorrow, here’s what it brings

big update for the PlayStation 5

Five months after the launch of the PlayStation 5 console, Sony is preparing to release the first significant system update. The big update of the console, which will be announced tomorrow - April 14, brings several expected functionalities to the console. Here's the thing.

  • PlayStation 5 game installations will be able to be stored on external USB devices to free up disk space on the console
  • PS5 games on an external device will not be able to run directly from that device but this functionality will only be used so you don't have to download the game from the internet again or install it from a Blu-ray disc
  • PS5 games will also not be able to be downloaded directly to an external USB device
  • The Share Play option becomes available between the PS5 and PS4 consoles, which means that PS5 console users can share their screen with their friends with the PS4 console over the Internet, and in some cases share the PlayStation 5 games they play, either as a co-op experience or otherwise.
  • The Game Base menu has been updated for faster access to content, and from now on notifications can be turned off for all groups in which the user is from now on you can quickly turn off in-game chat or mute the microphone and other players, or individually adjust the volume of each player in the group
  • A pre-download option for game updates has been added, so the console can download the update in the background and report it when it's publicly available the mobile app for PlayStation will soon get the ability to connect to multiplayer on the PS5 console directly with mobile phones, the ability to delete games from the console disk via mobile phone, compare trophy collections with friends, etc.

Sony also noted that they are still working on support to expand the PlayStation 5 console with additional M.2 drives, but currently have no additional information on when that support should be ready.

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