Aloy from Horizon will appear at Fortnite

Aloy from Horizon will appear at Fortnite

In the future, the characters from the games will be known if they were guests at Fortnite and if they were not - good luck to them! No one hasn’t been to Fortnite before, from Kratos through Master Chief to Lara Croft. And now it has been announced that another celebrity will become part of Fortnite.

As part of the Gaming Legends character series, Aloy, the protagonist of Sony’s Horizon series, will appear. As usual, in addition to the Aloy costume itself, players will be able to buy her weapons, emotes, a special craft design, and similar cosmetic items. All of them will be available for purchase from the 15th of this month.

It is also interesting that Aloy will join forces with another icon - Lara Croft. The two of them will thus have a temporary mode in which couples will always play with these two characters, and they will only be allowed bows (for Aloy) and double guns (for Lara). This temporary mode will be available from April 16-18.

Fortnite Lara croft and Aloy

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