Choose the right case for PC

How to choose the right case for PC 

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When assembling a computer, people usually leave the selection of the case to the end, leaving the smallest part of the budget for this component. In general, we do not go deeper into the core, but we are all guided by the fact that our case will not increase the performance of the configuration.

Indeed, it will not, however, and how important it is that the case has good ventilation, entrances where you can install fans and thus allow the movement of fresh air. Indeed, you will not reduce the temperature of the components themselves too much, but on the other hand, you can prevent them from overheating.

In addition to the design and the color that we will not go into, the data related to the dimensions and the number of components that can fit in the case are very important. For example, it is very important to check that the length of the graphics card is supported by the case you want to buy, as well as the height of the air cooling for the processor. If you have water cooling, you should check whether such a radiator can be attached to the desired case. Also, if you have SSDs or hard drives, check the support on that side. You will already choose the size of the case itself based on what components you have and what your plans are for future upgrades.

If you want to make a smaller computer because of the smaller space in the room, you will have to work harder on cabling and installing components. What also distinguishes the more expensive case from the cheap one is that after a couple of changes of components in cheap case, the screws no longer have the possibility to be well tightened again, the sheet metal is bent, and the like. Even with those more expensive case, it happens that they do not have enough openings for air intake, so it is best to check that information on the official website of the manufacturer.

When it comes to power, many cheap cases come with a built-in power supply, but we warmly recommend that you at least don't save on it if you don't have to.
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