The best free PC games in 2020

Since playing games can be quite expensive, we have selected a few of the best free games for your computer.


The best free PC games you can play today
Avoid everyday stress with the best free games we can offer you. We have compiled a list so that everyone can find the game that suits them best. The best part of this is that the games won’t cost you anything but time to download. Whether it’s the best PC games or the fantastic CO-OP PC games you’re looking for, these games will provide you with hours and hours of fun in your spare time.

The best free games include some extremely popular titles, which means they are available practically everywhere, from Steam and GOG to the EA Origin platform. You can even get a few premium Indie titles for a trifle through the Epic Games Store. However, with so many options, it is not easy to choose which game to download.

We’ll offer you a wide range of genres and styles, from free Battle Royale games like Fortnite to online CCGs like Hearthstone. We’ve put together such a diverse list because when you get tired of one genre you can switch to another, all without worrying about costs.

Fortnite Battle Royale Game Games Gaming

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

The Battle Royale genre is huge at the moment, and Epic Games has enriched it with Fortnite Battle Royale. Originally designed as a kind of addition to Fortnite, Battle Royale has risen in a way no one expected, quickly becoming among the best free games that 2020 can offer.

Fortnite Battle Royale is based entirely on a simple scenario. You crashed on the map with 99 other players in the free circle, and the last one left on the map is the winner. Because of its incredible success, Epic Games is working hard to constantly integrate new game modes and fresh features. For example, take the "Playground" game mode, which lets you into a map and allows you to build buildings for a certain amount of time before a real war begins.

What makes this game special is the fact that Fortnite can be played with your friends no matter what platform you are on. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a computer, Xbox, iOS, Android, or PlayStation. You can play against a million other players from all these different platforms.

Planetside 2 Gaming Games Game

2. Plsnetside 2

Two years before Destiny we had Planetside 2, an all-encompassing, epic FPS battle that’s so amazing, you should pinch yourself every time you run it just to remind yourself that this amazing game is free. There are, of course, in-game purchases. However, you can still enter the biggest battlefield of the game.
There is simply nothing more exciting than participating in a mass attack on an enemy base and conquering it, or existing in a world where an enemy convoy could form on the horizon every second. Planetside 2 is proof that free doesn’t mean something is of poor quality made.
Dota 2

 3. Dota 2

The game world of Dota may have evolved from WarCraft 3, but Dota 2 is largely its own entity and holds a place on the list of one of the best free games of 2020. This game is very dynamic, drawing in multi-million prize pools for serious players in tournaments. However, it is not only for the most concerned players.

When you start the game you have a short guide that shows you how to play and what the goal is. Don’t expect a warm welcome, it’s best to bring a few friends to play together and Dota 2 will stick you to your computer for hours.

League Of Legends Gaming Games Game

4. League Of Legends 

Choose your character and embark on a battle. League of Legends automatically asks you for games, a multitude of characters and great maps have made it the most played for many years on the Twitch platform. It is one of the best free games of 2020.
The game is aggressive, but it rewards great teamwork and careful tactics. There is also a certain amount of learning time which things to buy for an individual character, etc. In any case, you will be on an exciting ride after pressing the "Play" button.
Like Dot 2, League of Legends attracts a host of great players, and top tournaments offer prize pools of over a million dollars.
Path of Exile Gaming Games Game


5. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free game that might remind you of Diablo III and is quite different from most of the best free games available in 2020.

Path of Exile takes quite a bit of time, more than a standard multiplayer game would do. But give yourself a chance and in the blink of an eye, you will be in love with the game. There are hidden mechanics and features to discover after hours and hours of playing, as well as a huge skill tree through which you can slowly progress. It is one of the better free games for former Diablo game addicts.

Even a basic "loot" can be useful because it is always possible to improve the weapon with a little magic. If you’re bored with Diablo III, it’s a good idea to check out other games.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Games Game


6. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Taking the Star Wars MMORPG cloak after the Star Wars Galaxies ended their campaign, Star Wars: The Old Republic didn’t have to be free in the beginning. However, since then, like many MMORPGs, it has adopted a free game model. If you want to satisfy your inner Sith, this is the best way and do it for free.

It’s worth your time just to experience the Star Wars universe from different sets of eyes, like imperial agents and bounty hunters. If you want to go with the boring option and just have a generic Jedi Knight, you can do that too.

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