How to lock or change WiFi pass

How to lock or change the WiFi network password

WiFi is a great way to connect to the internet quickly and easily, but an unsecured WiFi network can be very risky. Using a WiFi network without a password allows your neighbors to use your internet completely free of charge and thus slow down your internet a lot, they can also endanger your data. To lock or change the WiFi password you need to go to the configuration page of your router and select WLAN Setting, Wireless settings, or something similar, it differs from router to router.

Open the configuration page of your router

To access your router's configuration page, open your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) on your computer. If you can't connect to a WiFi network because you don't know the password, use a cable and connect your computer and router. This will bypass the need for a WiFi password.

The default IP addresses of the router are,,, or Enter one of these IP addresses into your internet browser until you see which one matches your router or simply click on these links to open in a new one window.

If none of these links open the configuration page of your router, press the Windows + R button and type cmd in the search field, and press Enter. The Command Prompt will open (window with a black background), enter ipconfig, and press Enter. A list of some items will appear, one of which is Default Gateway, enter that address into your internet browser and press Enter.


Enter the username and password of your router

Each router requires a username and password to enter the settings. If you have never touched and changed this, it is most likely that the username is: admin and the password: admin. It all depends on the model of the router. You can find the router code in the instructions that came with it or on the Internet according to the model of router you own. 

Step 1: I will show you on the Telekom router the model: ZTE ZXHN H168N, it has a username: telekom code: telekom. It says so in the instructions that came with the router.
ruter login

 Step 2: When logging in to your router, find and click on WLAN Setting (this router is called that, and others may be different).

wlan settings
Step 3: In the WLAN Global Configuration section, Wireless RF Mode needs to be turned on (this way you turn on the WiFi network).

Step 4: In the WLAN SSID Settings section, enter the WiFi network name in the SSID Name field, select WPA2-PSK-AES from the Encryption Type drop-down menu and enter the WiFi network code in the WPA Passphrase field, and save the settings to the Apply button.

Note: There are WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption, the best and most secure is WPA2. Always select it, if some older devices cannot connect to the network, change this encryption to WPA or WPA / WPA2.

How to change the WiFi network password

This way, you can also change the WiFi network password by entering a new code in the WPA Passphrase field instead of the existing one.

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