Brutal Pixelated 2D Shooter is free to download today


The days when pixelated retro graphics were a curiosity are long gone. Not even a month passes without a small million such indie games appearing on the market, so it is justified if you get tired of that visual "trick". If that is still not the case, and you are a fan of Doom, GoG today (at the time of compiling this news, there are about 25 hours left until the end of the action) is giving away something that you will surely like. Butcher follows a cyborg sent to Earth to destroy the last remnants of the human race. About twenty levels of dark factory plants, deadly mechanisms and knee-deep blood await you. Since the motto of the game is "the easiest mode is hard", we will assume that it is not at all naive. You can download it for free until November 18 at 2 p.m.

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